Tips for making great ribs!

Posted: October 31st, 2013

This is a Phil & Lou BBQ original award winning recipe. It was inspired by watching the Food Networks Cupcake Wars with Angella. In 2012, at the BBQ at the Summit in Dillon, CO this recipe took first place for side dish beating the second place entry by 10 points! If you use oversized muffin tins it can be a meal in itself. Enjoy and let us know what you think. 


12 Cornbread Muffins (I use Krusteaz Natural Honey Cornbread mix)

​        Add 1/4 cup of extra honey to the mix for flavor

8 oz Baked Beans (I use Bushes Grillin' Beans)

       Add some of your sauce and rub to the beans for a bolder flavor

1/3 lbs Pulled Pork

BBQ Sauce - Sweet is better than smokey or bold

4 Mashed Idaho Potatoes


  1. Mix cornbread mix and add 1/4 cup of extra honey to the mix. 
  2. Using cupcake liners cook cornbread following the instructions on the box.
  3. After cornbread has cooled, remove the centers using a spoon. Be gentle not to break the cupcakes, but leave enough room for the stuffing.
  4. Heat the baked beans and add a little extra rub and sauce.
  5. Add a spoonful of baked beans to each cupcake.
  6. Stuff the remainder of the cupcake with warm pulled pork. You can never get enough pork so make sure they're full.
  7. Add some sauce to the top of the pork.
  8. Add a little extra milk or butter to the mashed potatoes and whip them. This will make the consistency better for piping the tops. (Add cheese or garlic to the potatoes if you like)
  9. Using a pastry bag, or a ziplock bag with a cut corner, pipe the mashed potatoes on top like you're decorating with frosting.  (You can use food coloring to make them look even more like cupcakes)
  10. Drizzle sauce on top and enjoy!

Barbecue Cupcakes

Posted: September 1st, 2013


1) Inject or Marinate overnight.

2) Cook to 150-160 degrees, then wrap in foil or a foil pan to trap moisture.

3) Important! Cook to at least 200+ degrees. 


1) Remove the membrane. It's a thin layer on the bottom of all ribs. Look it up.

2) Add Rub to Both sides. Remember, you tongue will hit the bottom.

3) Smoke them for a couple of hours then wrap them in foil for another couple of hours. Add some juice or margarine to add moisture.


Barbecue Basics

1) First see above. That's it in a nutshell

2) Meat: Use quality meat when you can. It doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Look for the marbling in the meat. You don't want big chunks of fat, you want small flecks of fat throughout, no mater what meat your cooking.

3) Rub: Generally, any all purpose rub will do. However, try tasting it on your tongue before you use it. Sweet is good on pork or chicken. Spicy works well on beef. Salty and pepper never hurt anything. Be cautious on heat and garlic as a little too much can be overpowering.

4) Smoke: If you want good barbecue you need smoke. No one has ever made "Good" barbecue out of an oven or crock pot. Charcoal can add smoke or you can wrap soaked wood chips in foil, poke a few holes in it and add it to your grill or smoker. We use apple and cherry wood. Hickory, oak, and any fruit wood are great. Steer clear of mesquite it's too bitter unless your from the southwest.

5) Time: If you don't take away anything else, take away this. Good barbecue takes time. Plan ahead! When we get a call 2 hours before serving time asking us how to cook ribs, there's little we can help with. Low heat and time are what melt the fat in the meat and cause it to fall apart. Unlike grilling a steak you want to cook barbecue for a long time to a high temperature. We cook pork, ribs, and brisket until their near 200 degrees with a smoker that's 230-275 the entire cook. That's the key to super tender meat.

6) Sauce: If you've done a great job you don't need sauce. The smoke, rub, and meat together will make your mouth water for more. Sauce is a finishing tool to help add that little extra touch. Don't over do it. Also, add sauce at the very end. The sugar in it will burn very easily and ruin your food if you add it too early. Again, sweet for chicken, ribs, and pork. Spicy for beef, if you use it at all on beef (we don't).

7) Let it Rest: Any grilled or smoked meat is going to be hot when you take it off. Before cutting into it let it rest. For a small cut of meat like a steak or chicken, wait 15min. For ribs wait 30min. For big cuts wait 1hr or more. Otherwise all of the moisture will evaporate away instantly when you cut it. Let the moisture settle back into the meat.

8) Enjoy: Barbecue is meant to be shared. If your going put this much time and effort into delicious food you might as well add a few more pieces of meat on the smoker and invite over some family or friends. 

Recipes & tips


1) Take time to trim up the skin and remove large chunks of fat.

2) Add rub to top and bottom. If you have skin add some rub underneath.

3) Don't over cook and let it rest. Chicken will dry out easily.


1) The easiest of them all. Buy a Boston Butt/Roast Pork Shoulder, not a picnic shoulder.

2) You can inject or marinate, but don't need to.

2) Cook to 150-160 degrees, then wrap in a foil pan to trap moisture. Caution: it will produce a lot of juices.

3) Important! Cook to at least 195+ degrees. 

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